The occult, generally I like movies with this theme, I’m not talking about “Jeepers Creepers” or “I Know What You Did When I Saw You Doing It Whatever You Did Last Summer”, I’m talking “Carrie” and “The Sixth Sense”, although “Constantine” is nothing like that. First of all, it’s a comic based movie, that alone changes everything. The art of the movies is obviously inspired in the comic, or at least it looks like, I mean, half headed daemons, a gun with a cross! Of course there’s the Keanu factor, but I think he did OK in this one, he’s almost perfect for this type of role. I just wish some aspects of the movie were better explained, like the tattoo in his arms (I know it had a purpose, but where did it come from?), and the message written in his door. But I guess those were details for the comic fans. It’s that or I really didn’t get it!
Overall, “Constantine” is an excellent action movie with great special effects and great art direction.