So Wired fired some of the online team on a move to cut costs due to the crisis, some people argue that they should be taking steps to kill the magazine and not the site, I think the opposite. Wired has never been a great immediate news site, what’s great about it is the fact that they make the stories that are first printed on the magazine available online. That’s what they’re good at – long investigation stories that spread across several pages. Now, even though I love reading those on the magazine, because of all the cool illustrations and pretty photos they come up with, I hate reading those stories online, because they are too long and because I always get the feeling that they weren’t intended for that medium.

I have a really hard time reading long stories online, because if I’m at home reading a magazine I’m focused on just that, if I’m in front of the computer, it’s a completely different story. There’s IM flashing, that bad remix that just cued up on the playlist, some other browser tab that pulls me away, an endless amount of things that are always requesting my attention and action.

Every time I see an online article that has pagination I immediately think “Eh, this is going to require time and extra attention” and I think two times if I want to commit to reading.
They’re never going to kill the website, that’s obvious, but if they did it wouldn’t shock me as much as if they killed the magazine, because in the end that is what they are.

(photo by Parquerama)