Last Saturday I went out with some family/friends to one of my best friends 31st birthday. After a very nice dinner at a cool new restaurant (with the best dinner music I have ever eaten to), a guy that I particularly despise suggested that we should go to a club that he was familiar with. I remembered that he had suggested a club once; it was a live Brazilian music club, with lots of smoke and lots of weird people. I think I was inside that club for about 30 minutes, the exact time to order strong lemon vodka, drink it… and get the fuck out there. Well this club was even worse…. I got inside and started to look at the people dancing (to my despair… Hispanic club music… my favorite…. NOT) I realized that I was probably the only person under 25. I think most people in there were in their 30’s or 40’s, not that I have something against people in their 40’s… but these people looked like they were there just for one purpose…. Getting laid! I stood there for 1 hour… standing very still like a stone, so that people that was with could realize that I was not enjoying it a single bit, watching these 40 year old scary ladies with oversized boobs almost hanging out of their tops, dancing like fucking horny dogs. The worst part was when everybody started dancing in choreography to some fucking annoying Spanish song… one of those summer hits… I felt so out of place, and immediately started to freak out, so I ran outside, and waited in the ice cold temperature, while some weird looking Indian guys kept asking me if I want to take a picture and buy roses…. Hell no! I’m alone! Can’t you see?
Note to self… come home the next time… you know it’s going to be a drag anyway so why take the chance. I’ve learned my lesson!

Post originally posted on 03 18.0 12:03