I hate iTunes, I wish somebody threw it into a pit so it’ be forgotten forever. I loathe iTunes. I bought an iPod about two moths ago and I was surprised that Apple does not ship any software with it, but that’s another story. I tried it, I forced myself to use it, everybody does so there must be something wrong with me, but I just couldn’t do it, it clogs your memory, crashes when you close (and respawns itself magically…), constantly annoys you with that “determining gapless playback” crap. After a little browsing I found Yamipod, it’s everything iTunes is not, fast, light and painless. You can run it directly from the iPod, no installation needed! Sure, iTunes has a lot more features, like syncing contacts and your task list, photos, videos bla bla bla… but all I really want is to grab my music and drag it the iPod and I’m done! Yamipod even lets you edit the mp3 tags before transferring the files, so what else can I ask for? iTunes no more (at least for Windows). It looks like the iPhone will use iTunes to sync, so it’s dead at birth to me.